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Girls’ Soccer- A Rebuilding Year?

In Sports on November 3, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Sean Quill 13′

The Hawks varsity girls have had a great season so far with a promising 14-4 record (5-3 league). Leading the team is Coach Sicard in his third year coaching girls varsity soccer and helping him are his two captains, Emma Konieczny and Kasia Szymborn. With the loss of 14 girls from the previous season, they are a young team as Szymborn explains; “Emma, Olivia, Amanda, Sarah and I couldn’t do it on our own. These girls had big shoes to fill, and so far they’re doing a pretty good job, I’m proud.” While only having 5 returning players, the young team brought up 3 eighth graders, 2 freshmen, and 4 sophomores as well as 4 juniors and only having 2 seniors. Konieczny says, “The loss of 11 seniors is big, but the young kids are doing a really good job stepping in and playing hard, especially against older teams.” As Coach Sicad’s third year as Varsity coach, he is doing well teaching this young team to work toward a great season.

The girls started off playing Ware (2-1), Granby (4-1, loss), Holyoke Catholic (2-1), Gateway (1-0), Easthampton (4-1), Athol (3-1), Pioneer Valley (6-0), Turners Falls (9-2), Smith Academy (4-0), Mahar (6-1), Ware (4-0), Palmer (6-1 loss), Granby (4-0 loss), Holyoke Catholic (2-0), Gateway (1-0 loss), Easthampton (3-0), and finishing the season off beating Greenfield 5-0.

No one expected the girls to pull through at the night game at Gateway on the September 17th. Olivia Mathieu put one away to take the lead over Gateway to receive the big win.

This is whole new team and there’s a big difference between these girls and the girls I’ve been with for the past 4 years. I think our biggest goal is to stay “above 500”, and make tournament. It would be our dream to win league…and we actually have the potential to do it,” says Kasia.

The team is now going into the tournament as a third seed.

  1. Nice article SeanyBoy.

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