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Big D Does it Again

In Features on November 9, 2010 at 2:13 pm

Aaron Goff  ’12

Big D and The Kids Table (Big D) does it again. Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton was the hub of skanking (a fast paced dance that people do when at a ska concert) on Saturday, September 26th. The concert was held in the basement of Pearl Street, where at least 300 kids were packed into a room that comfortably fits 150. People watched as No Intention, WTFunk, The Smokey Wambas, and Big D played their sets.

First to go on was No Intention, a local band hailing from Florence, MA. The music they played sounded like early 90’s pop punk. The room was surprisingly packed for an opening act. The crowd was very energetic and you could tell a lot of people knew the band’s music because they were singing along with their choruses.

The next band to play was WTFunk. As they came on I could hear parents behind me cheer and go crazy, so I could tell that these kids weren’t out of high school yet. WTFunk was a four part band including a singer, guitarist, bassist, and a drummer. Instrumentally these kids were very talented. Vocally, not so much. The drummer was very energetic and set the pace throughout their whole set. Halfway through their set the guitarist and bassist switched instruments and continued.  One of the guitarists/ bassists was very flamboyant with his facial expressions and reminded me of mix between Lenny Kravitz and Jimmy Hendricks. They had very tantalizing guitar solos throughout their whole set. Everything was great on their part. The singer was a different story. It seemed like he was trying to reach notes that he couldn’t hit and he was very nasally.

The Smokey Wambas came on next with every member in dress shirts, ties, and some even sporting blazers. The Smokey Wambas were very nerdy, with songs about video games and stalkers, and just wanting to make the ladies dance. The only way I can describe them was quirk pop that dabbles with techno, or as they call it, Punk Rock with an Imagination. They are a local band from Holyoke, Ma, comprised of 5 college students, which included all the fixings for a regular band plus a synth player. By this time the Pearl Street Basement was packed with kids singing along and dancing.

It was about a half hour wait before Big D came on. The air was thick and the ceiling dripping. The crowd was rowdy, but when they came on it turned into utter chaos. They opened with L.A.X., which they usually play for an encore, but it truly set the pace for the rest of the night. Big D is a seven part band which includes David McWane as the lead vocals, Sean P. Rogan on Guitar, keys, and vocals, Steve Foote slappin’ the bass, Dan Stoppelman playing the trumpet, Paul E. Cuttler on the trombone, Ryan O Connor playing the saxophone, and Derek Davis wailing on the drums. Big D started in Boston, MA, and have been going strong for 15 years. Big D’s set was a marathon to say the least. They played 24 songs, the bulk of them being fast and had the kids skanking. The night was full of kids taking to the air while stage diving. Even lead singer Dave Mcwane had his fair share of stage diving. Near the end of their set, McWane told the crowd that The Pearl Street Nightclub was his favorite place to play with the best crowd. The band then joked about how they were going to play two more songs then pretend to leave but come back and play an encore, because lets face it no headlining band doesn’t ever not play an encore. They came back on and played a five song encore, during which the largest on stage skank pit that I have ever seen took place.

To sum up the night in one word – sweaty. Very, very sweaty. At the end of the show, kids were drenched in water, sweat, and other people’s sweat. But that’s how you know it was a good show. Yet again, Big D and the Kids had another great show at the Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton


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