Hopkins Academy

Class Elections – A Popularity Contest?

In Editorials on November 12, 2010 at 2:49 pm

Jeremiah Hyslip 2014

Why do we bother to vote for class officers? Once everyone puts their name down on the ballot, the outcome can almost be determined. All that happens is when someone sees the name of their best friend on the ballot, they vote for that person. It’s a big popularity contest! This might come as a shock, but in the real world, people vote for who they think is best, not who is the most popular. No one gives a speech or campaigns.Most of the time, if someone sees the name of their best friend on the ballot, he or she will vote for that person. Also, no one really cares about who gets elected because class officers are pretty much just figureheads. Instead of voting for a few specific people, there could be a voluntary committee where everyone who actually cares could have a say in the matter, rather than having people who might not even care make decisions. And does the whole class officer thing really prepare us for the real world? So I leave you with this: in my opinion, class elections are a big waste of time that could be used doing something that actually matters.


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