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Hopkins Boys Soccer

In Sports on November 18, 2010 at 2:52 pm
Jamie Garand ’11

Hopkins Academy soccer is know for always being the team to beat. In the past years, Hopkins Academy wasn’t really a threat, but was more of just your average soccer team. Schools know about us and put us on their radar for the top teams to beat. Last year Hopkins academy boys varsity soccer won the GcGrath South soccer league. Unfortunately there post season was short lived after losing to gateway in the tournament 2-0. After the graduating class left, it took 9 seniors from the varsity squad also. This gave doubt to some when the question of if Hopkins could win league again next year was brought up.

Now in 2010, the varsity soccer team seems to have exceeded most fans expectations. With a team so young and inexperienced success throughout the season was questioned. The varsity squad is a combined 16 players, 5 players being freshman, 5 juniors, 5 seniors and two sophmores, and only three being returning starters. But suceess seemed to be a common trend for the hopkins academy boys varsity soccer team. At a record of 8-0-2 the Hopkins boys were the first team to make the western Mass tournament this year.

Hopkins boy ended the season with a 12-2-4 record, including gateways first loss of the year. The win against Gateway was our second league title won in two years.  Hopkins boys had a 85% winning percentage (not including ties). When tournament seeds came out on November 4th, Hopkins finally received the seed they deserved, the 2 seed. With wins against the other top teams in western Mass. and a win against Hampshire, Hopkins deserved no less then the 2 seed under Granby.

The first round of tournament was an easy win seeing as they received a “bye”. Unfortunetly, Hopkins boys tournament life was short lived. They had an unexpected loss in the quarterfinals to St. Joseph’s ( the 10 seed). The final score was 3-1. The only goal scored by Hopkins was by Jamie Garand on a head-ball off a corner kick in the 12th minute of the game.

Fortunately, having such a young and skilled team this season allows future Hopkins soccer to be a well-developed program. Hopkins soccer will be skilled and experienced. After the class of 2011 graduates, the varsity will still be a successful team for many years to come.


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