Hopkins Academy

Hopkins Golf Swings into Action

In Sports on December 2, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Koby Constant ’13

The Hopkins Academy Golf team had a rocky beginning with a record of 2-4, but stayed positive  throughout the season. As Andrew Omer said at practice one day, “ There is a lot of new talent to add to this year’s golf team.” Among these new players are Alex Sieracki (’14), Koby Constant (’13), and Spencer Butterfield (’16). The veterans on the golf team include, Thomas Hutchings (’11), Russell Omer (’12), Andrew Omer (’14), Austin Brighenti (’14), D.J. Gardiner (’14), and Joe Yusko (’15). These 9 players made up a very promising Hopkins Academy Golf Team. In his 7th season, Rick Berger has led the Hawks to success throughout his years here. This year, Hopkins beat up on both Ware and Pathfinder. The Hawks had a new batch of fresh players and used it to their advantage.

As we look forward into the season, it is easy to see that this team has a promising future. Omer said, “ Mr. Burger has been very encouraging as a coach this year. The team is certainly capable of winning many games.”  Although the Hawks lost a key player, Sean Gaudette, Thomas Hutchings has filled this  loss with confidence. Hutchings has had a great year  in the number one spot for Hopkins. Russell Omer was also a key component to Hopkins Golf. Omer has been at the number two spot for the Hawks and delivered points in his matches. Although Thomas did not make it far into tournament, he gained good experience. Mr. Burger was very pleased with the experience the whole team gained throughout this year’s season.


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