Hopkins Academy

Student Gunman Holds 24 Hostage

In News on December 2, 2010 at 2:43 pm

Compiled from AP news reports

Ethan Picard ’14
A fifteen year old gunman held 24 hostages for over six hours in Marinette, Wisconsin, a small town about fifty miles from Green Bay. The gunman was kept calm throughout the day by talk from the hostages, which included 23 students and one teacher. They kept him laughing and talking with conversations about hunting. Reports say the gunman became aggravated when the teacher tried to calm the student down. After about six hours the gunman let five hostages go to use the bathroom. About 20 minutes later three gun shots were fired and several officers stormed the room, when approached by officers the gunman shot himself. He is currently alive and being treated at a local hospital.


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