Hopkins Academy

Students Need Study Hall

In Editorials on December 2, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Sydney Denault ‘13

As soon as the  final bell rings, most students are rushing off to a sports practice or an after school activity. When we leave from that, many teenagers are off to another activity that makes our everyday lives busy. We’re always on the go, running off to another sports practice, dance class, or academic club. Finding a moment in the day where we’re not rushing from activity to activity is rare. Large amounts of stress are put on today’s teenagers, and society has big expectations of us. And the most important expectation is that we get good grades.

But with the hectic schedule that most teenagers have everyday, how do we find time to do our homework or study for an important test in our most difficult class? Teenagers tend to stay up late putting in minimal effort to finish the night’s homework or to cram for a test. This leads students to become tired the next day, which results in students not paying as much attention to the teacher as they should be. Many grades begin to drop because students can’t find time to study and do their homework. Some even resort to cheating because they aren’t prepared. To fix this issue, most students at larger high schools have free periods or study halls to get started on homework or get help in a difficult class. Here at Hopkins, most students don’t have that option.

If the students of Hopkins Academy had a study hall to do their homework, grades would get better, students would become less stressed out and they would be better rested so that they could pay more attention in class. As students, we have a right to a study hall to get homework done and to get help if we need it, without always having to come after school. Students should be able to choose study hall as an elective. By getting most of our homework done in school, students at HA can catch up on sleep and family time, along with getting tutored by other students so that we can raise our grades. By having a study hall, students would be healthier, happier, and smarter!

  1. […] One very important reason why all classes should have a study hall is because kids stay up late trying to finish their homework when they have a lot, and they get very stressed. Teachers always say themselves, “It is very important that you get a good night’s rest.” With a study hall, students definitely will. However, without one, there is not as much of a chance. Sydney Denault said, “Teenagers tend to stay up late putting in minimal effort to finish the n… […]

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