Hopkins Academy

New Uniforms for the Cheerleaders

In Sports on December 4, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Sydney Denault ‘13

The varsity cheerleading squad at Hopkins Academy is getting new uniforms this year due to the lack of matching uniforms for the middle school squad. The middle school squad will now get the old junior varsity uniforms, and the JV will be wearing last year’s varsity uniforms.

Although the cheerleaders on each team are very excited to receive new uniforms, many of the other athletes and some fans are concerned that this might not be the best use of the school’s money.  Cheerleaders are also athletes and they represent the school and the students of Hopkins Academy at each game. By spending a little extra money to get attractive and good quality uniforms, the new uniforms will last through many basketball seasons. With matching uniforms, all three squads will promote a positive representation of the students at Hopkins Academy by looking neat and put-together.

  1. We need to let the other athletes and the fans know that the school does not purchase uniforms for any of the sports teams, that money comes from the Booster Club. The Booster Club has made donations to the cheerleaders, as have other individuals and groups, but most of the money has been saved for a couple years from half court shots, prom fashion shows, camps and car washes. As you said ,all three teams benefit and promote the school better by looking neat and uniform.

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