Hopkins Academy

The Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Law Editorial

In Editorials on December 8, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Jereiah Hyslip 2014

I believe that the Massachusetts anti-bullying law was a wise precaution but, then again, as the old saying goes: “Laws were made to be broken.” You can’t expect bullying to magically stop just because a bunch of politicians sat down and made a law about it; that’s not the way things go. There are loopholes and I can recall numerous incidents when I have been bullied and the bully got away with it only because the bullying was insignifigant and unworthy of much attention from a teacher. I can understand that, but when little things like that keep occurring, it can almost drive a person insane. There is no way to stop that kind of bullying unless at the drop of a pin, everyone goes crazy and and arrests the offender.  I am not suggesting that such a measure would be necessary, but it would be nice if bullying stopped altogether. Don’t hold your breath though, because that won’t be happening any time soon. So I leave you with this question: Why do we get the urge to pick on other people? Is it human nature, or the way we were brought up?


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