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Airports Going Too Far?

In News on January 5, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Sean Quill ’13

Throughout the years, airport security has been increasing due to electronic advances around the world. The newest and latest method is uses a machine that takes a full body image. Since terrorists can hide bombs in undergarments that will not be detected by the old walk-through scanners, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is enforcing this machine to be in every airport in the country. Currently, there is at least one in every major airport.http://whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/files/2010/01/airport-full-body-scanner-pic-ap-getty-344675505  .jpg The machine takes a negative photo of your body that shows everything on you, including what is under your clothes. The TSA will not share what the images show. The TSA will not tell the public what the scanner shows, which means there are less chances for terrorists to figure a way to get by the scanners.

However, there is an alternative.  If you think the full body scanners are invade your privacy too much. The pat down is an old fashioned, open palmed pat down that covers the whole body.

Having the full body scanners is fine with me. Yes, it is a slight invasion of  privacy, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If it means that I have to show my body to not get blown up from a terrorist bringing a bomb on a plane, I am fine with that.


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