Hopkins Academy

Healthy Foods Keep Hopkins Bright-Eyed and Satisfied

In News on March 9, 2011 at 2:46 pm

It all started with fruit and salad being served with the school bought lunches. Next came the whole grain pasta (which wasn’t too popular), the salad bar and now, the brand new healthy snack-filled vending machine.

Throughout this school year, Hopkins Academy has gone through a health craze. A few extra dollars have been spent to assure that Hopkins students are eating healthy.

Although the start of whole grain pasta being served at lunchtime hasn’t been a school favorite, the salad bar is becoming popular among students as an alternative or addition to their lunch.

Out of all the new healthy additions, the new snack machine seems to be the most crowd-pleasing of the bunch. Although the snacks are a bit more expensive than the snacks sold in the cafeteria, it’s well worth the price. Stocked full with yummy treats like Cliff Bars and refreshing drinks like Steaz Tea, the new snack machine is the place to go to buy your snacks at break, lunchtime, and even after school.

By making a few changes to help Hopkins become a little healthier, everyone will be a bit more bright-eyed while keeping their hunger satisfied.


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