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Tsunami hits Japan

In News on March 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm
Can you imagine living here?

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake  struck 400km off of the coast of Tokyo, Japan a week ago on the 8th. The violent earthquake then triggered a massive tsunami, which the residents of Japan were unable to escape. The tsunami hit the island of Japan mere minutes after the earthquake itself. Records show that this quake/tsunami duo was the fifth largest ever. Over 6000 people are dead or missing in Japan due to the massive amount of water that the waves of the tsunami brought onto the land. Shortly after the disaster President Obama  offered aid to any US states and territories affected by this destructive event. The coastal cities of Japan are completely ruined. As the huge waves of the tsunami came to land, they took away with them everything them could. Houses, boats, cars, and even train cars were completely annihilated. The Tokyo International Airport was completely consumed by water. The country of Japan is in complete disarray. Now not only does Japan have to recover from the earthquake and tsunami, they also have to face problems with their nuclear power plants.


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