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Charlie Sheen: “I’m an F18 Bro!”

In Features on March 23, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Goff ’12

As we all know, Charlie Sheen has been taking the headlines by storm lately, telling everyone that he supposedly is ” Uh…Winning”. If you have watched the news then I’m sure you have all heard his ridiculous rants like calling himself a “High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock”. It leaves us wondering what happened to this mega million dollar celebrity.

We all know Charlie from movies like Platoon, Red Dawn, Major League 1 and 2, The Rookie, Scary Movie 3 and 4, but most of all Two and a Half Men. Charlie has been in the movie business for a long time staring in his first  major roll in Red Dawn as Matt, directed in 1984. Charlie was 19 at the time. After Red Dawn Charlie moved higher and higher up the celebrity ladder, taking the lead roll in the movie Platoon in 1984. Charlie had the world at his finger tips.

I guess you could say that Sheen’s downfall began in late 80’s early 90’s when he  dated handfuls of adult film actresses and started going to to drug rehab centers. At this time Sheen was known for hard partying and womanizing. In 1998 Sheen OD’d on cocaine and was hospitalized. So began the spiral down for the great actor.

In 2002 Sheen married Denise Richards, whom met on  the set of the movie Good Advice. In 2003 Sheen was cast as the lead role in the T.V. series Two and a Half Men as Charlie Harper. a hard partying womanizer, not too different from Sheen in real life. Sheen averaged about 2 million dollars an episode. There were 178 episodes of Two and a Half Men.  Sheen averaged 356 million dollars alone on the hit  series.

Lately it seems that  Sheen has in fact hit rock bottom. He’s lost custody of his kids and has been fired from Two and Half Men. Sheen has being keeping us posted with his vlogs, interviews, and videos from paparazzi. Sheen now divorced has moved on to a relationship  with his so called “goddesses”, just another term for his adult film actresses, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly.  One good thing has come out of Sheen hitting rock bottom though. He has become a marketing genius. He is putting his name on anything, and everything, from coffee mugs to tee shirts. All with his famous quotes that you’d hear on Sheen’s  many interviews.

On recent interview Sheen took a drug test and had the results broadcast on live television, a bold move from the actor who told us, “I was bangin’ two 7 gram rocks, cause that how I roll.” When Sheen’s results came back it shocked everyone, he tested negative for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and alcohol.  Now that Sheen is not in public eye as much we can only imagine that he’ll go back to his old ways. All we can do now is watch to see what will unfold for celebrity.  In recent news there has been talk that John Stamos might being taking Sheen’s spot in Two and a Half Men. A move that could go either way in affecting the ratings for t.v series. In my opinion  I don’t think it’ll turn out well.


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