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Articles from the Past: (Senior Lounge?!)

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Goff ’12

While looking through the October 1996 issue of the Hawks Claw one Article caught my eye with the title Reprint: ( Senior Lounge?!). This article was a reprint form the  1974 October issue. As I read the article I became intrigued and tried looking in the Hawks Claw Archives for the original to find out who the author was.  Sadly, I could not find it. The author had some great ideas which left me wondering why this didn’t pan out. Hopefully this article will spark some interest and, who knows?  Maybe we can get our own senior lounge.

A small group of seniors have been getting getting together on Tuesdays for the past three weeks to work on plans for a senior out door lounge. They meet with Miss Shea, who is the adviser, and Mr. Yuji Kishimoto. Mr. Yuji Kishimoto, a Japanese architect, is from U. Mass and comes to us through the art department.
A proposed site is the area behind the shop and music room. Some of the ideas are to separate areas by hedges or a small fence, to buy or construct benches, and to paint bushes. The lounge has many possibilities. It could be used during lunch period for those seniors who have brought their lunches, for National Honors Society’s commencement, to entertain speakers before graduation commencement, as a reception area for new teachers at the beginning of each year, and for club meetings, such as drama club. It could also be used by the Biology Department to grow and observe plants.


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