Hopkins Academy

Noho Match-up

In News, Sports, The Nest on April 4, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Sean Quill ’13

Last Thursday, Hopkins Academy’s varsity baseball team hosted the Northampton Blue Devils in a scrimmage. The game was played by having six outs each inning. After there had been three outs, the bases would be cleared. If there were any base runners left three new outs would be allowed. After those three, the teams would switch. At the end of the game, Hopkins Academy junior Chris Koch, was the Hawks only scored run. They lost 4-1.

Senior, Garrison Banas, started by pitching two innings, followed by junior, Aiden Barrett who pitched two, and sophomore, Tim Knightly, who ended the game pitching one inning.

Senior, Jamie Garand says, “We played well on the offensive side, working as a team and pitching well, but we have to work on our hitting and getting the bats to the ball when we need it.”

Hopkins’ next game is on Wednesday (4/6), at 3:30 pm. They will be playing Greenfield at home and look for fans to support them to get their first league win.


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