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Peer Mentoring

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Koby Constant ’13 and Jeremiah Hyslip ’14

Those who have been picked for the Peer Mentoring group attended a summit in Mrs. Preston’s room on March 28th from 10:45-2:45. The students being recognized are: Zack Anderson ’14, Kayla Benjamin ’13, Kari Cristoforo ’14, Holly Czajkowski ’12, Sydney Denault ’13, Michael Dwyer ’14, Kelley Devine ’12, Irene Georgiadis ’14, Lauren Dymek ’12, Kayla Jacque ’14, Katie Keegan ’13, Danielle Kicza ’12, Olivia Mathieu ’13, Rachael Pilletere ’14, Mikaela Momot ’13, Allii Moriarty ’12, Anne Mozel ’13, Russell Omer ’12, Victoria Quill ’12, David Ruymen ’13, Kelsey Scheumann ’13, Madi Stevens ’14, Becky Smith ’13, Koby Constant ’13, Katie Tyler ’13, Kelsey Yusko ’12. These 26 people applied to be future mentors of Hopkins Academy.

The application required them to answer various questions pertaining to their personality.  Everyone who applied was accepted.  Everyone got to know each other, at the summit, by the use of various ice breaker activities (including the line game and the human knot).  Mrs. Jennings-Gazzillo, Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Bonneville led the program.  The attendees also bonded by having pizza for lunch.  Overall, it was a productive experience and the peer mentoring group looks forward to assisting the new Hopkins Academy freshmen next year.


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