Hopkins Academy

What’s that smell?

In Features on May 20, 2011 at 1:06 pm

It’s that time of year again; the smell of biochemicals is in the air and it’s time for Mrs.York’s sophomore biology class to dissect fetal pigs! Upon the conclusion of studying the skeletal and muscular systems, the students received fetal pigs, which they will dissect by themselves or with a partner. Dissecting an organism with muscular, skeletal, and organ systems similar to their own can help students develop a better understanding of how the body functions and what the body looks like underneath the skin.  

But don’t worry animal lovers! These pigs weren’t killed so that a group of students could cut them open and study their bodies; they were donated to science after their accidental deaths. Their deaths were caused by their mother being sold to a slaughter-house, because they were unaware she was pregnant. This event, although unfortunate, gives biology students the opportunity to further their studies of the internal systems of the body.

So next time that you pass the biology lab, think of the knowledge that is being learned during the dissection, take a deep breath in and smell the biochemicals, which are preserving the fetal pigs.


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