Hopkins Academy

Rival Victory

In News, Sports on May 26, 2011 at 1:55 pm

The Saturday game against one of Hopkins’ rivals, Smith Academy, didn’t look too good at the start. Up until the 4th inning, the Hawks were down 2-0. Heads were not hanging, though. The Hawks kicked it into gear and got two runs in the 5th inning to tie up the game. With their blood pumping from getting the runs, the Hawks pulled through another 4 runs in the 7th to land a solid lead against the Smith Academy Falcons. Andrew ended the game and allowed no runs to be scored in the last inning to land Hopkins with a 6-2 win.

Tim Knightly, a sophomore of Hopkins Academy, started the game. Knightly pitched the first three inning allowing only two runs.

Andrew Bemben came in the 4th and 7th innings and allowed zero runs scored and striking out one.

Garrison Banas pitched two innings (5th and 6th) striking out all 6 batters.

                                     Hits     RBI

Tim Knightly             2          1

Evan Delaney           1           1

Ethan Wenner          2          1

James Garand          2           1

Robby Cooke            1           2


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