Hopkins Academy

Thanks for the Memories

In Features on May 26, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Sara Korash-Schiff ’11 and James Garand ’11

Looking back on our past six years of high school, it seems like only yesterday that we first walked in these doors for step up day. We can remember the excitement we felt, anticipating the amazing memories we would make and the nervousness we all felt not knowing what was to come. Somehow all, or most of us, seem to have made it through and, even though our time at Hopkins will soon be over, we will never forget this place. There are definitely things that we will miss, just as their are things we can’t wait to leave behind, but either way it’s  sad to think of leaving behind the people we have seen almost everyday for the past twelve years.  Although our time is almost up, our friendships and memories will always remain and  we will always be Golden Hawks. Now enough with the sob story – it’s time to reminisce on some good old fashion memories. Here for your pleasure are our top memories from our time here at Hopkins Academy:

  1. Mr. Garand throws chalk at various students in the middle of class
  2. Nate Bombardier catches a fly by taping it to the desk
  3. Molly Morin leaves her keys in her car and the lights on
  4. Sandy hallways, JERSEY SHORE FOR LIFE!!
  5. “Crude, lude, and rude” dance moves at the Aloha Dance
  6. Pookie trips, multiple times (Boston, the movies, Dicks Sporting Goods…)
  7. Guys buying VS underwear and fake tattoos in Boston
  8. Going to Prom(s) and the after parties
  9. Getting sass from Mrs. Preston
  10. Nature’s Classroom (Crab fishing, ort report, 2 minute showers…things I wish I could forget)
  11. Spirit Week (Seniors always win, its just a fact, learn to accept it)
  12. Jamie and TJ tank it over first base
  13. Class Meetings (never a dull moment)

Now that our time at Hopkins is almost done its time for us to tell you what you have to look forward to when your a Senior:

  1. Senior Parking, there’s nothing better then being right next to the door when its pouring out
  2. Lack of respect. The middle school will never understand the concept of the elevator rule, nor will they stop standing in the middle of the hallway when classes change
  3. SENIORITIS!! It starts earlier then you think
  4. More freedom, you can get away with a lot
  5. Applying for college (applications, essays, scholarships, waiting for the decision, financial aid….and all the rest of that fun stuff)
  6. Trips to Primos, Butterfly, or Donut Man for lunch
  7. Coming in late, just because you stop caring towards the end of the year
  8. Senior skip day, where half your class comes in anyway for a game (or math class)
  9. Turning 18, it’s sweeter then 16
  10. Hardcore gym class
  11. Finishing school in May, when everyone else is trapped for a few more weeks
  12. Class Trip (just remember it can’t be over night)
  13. Class Night
  14. Graduation : ( or maybe : )

And remember, Senior year can be stressful if you let it be. Make the best out of the time you have left with your friends and don’t let drama ruin your last year of high school. Dream big and get excited, college is just a little bit away!


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