Hopkins Academy

It’s A Busy Time For Seniors

In Features on September 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Shipman ’12

It’s hard enough getting back into the routine of going back to school after a long, warm summer; getting up early, doing homework, sports everyday, sitting inside most of the day, ect. For seniors, there’s much more on their plate with getting ready to start their college applications, especially those who are applying early action or early decision. What exactly is early action and early decision? Early actions and early decisions allows students to apply to college on a more accelerated schedule and then get to hear back from the college ahead of others, as well. While early decision is binding, early action is not. Applying early action also gives you an advantage over applying later on. Your application is looked at closer than if you were to apply later on. Students are now starting their applications because most early action dates are by November 1st. The summer before senior year students should have been:

  1.  Going on campus college tours. This is best to do during junior year in order to get a feel for what the college is like with all the students there, unlike when they leave and it’s a ghost town.
  2. Making a list of all your accomplishments, activities, and work experience to put on your application.
  3. Making a rough list of all the colleges you wish to apply to and find out the admission dates. The colleges should be listed by whether it is a target, reach, or safety school.
  4. Getting all AP scores in July and decide whether or not to send them.
  5. Registering early for fall SAT’s, ACT’s, and Subject Tests.

Now that all the students are back in school, it’s time to get ready to apply. This is why all the seniors are starting to stress out; worrying about getting all their homework done on time on top of completing their college lists of things to do before November 1st. Here is a list of what seniors are working on to get ready to apply early for college:

  1. Making a final list of all colleges.
  2. Meeting with Mrs. Gazzillo, making sure that she knows who is applying early so she can meet with you first.
  3. Getting ready to take SAT’s, ACT’s, and Subject Tests and making sure to send all scores.
  4. Asking teachers for letters of recommendation and giving them plenty of time to complete them since they are busy too.
  5. Starting your application, whether it’s the common application or another application. Applications take a while and should not be done in one sitting.
  6. Starting your college essay. Any of the English teachers are willing to look it over and help you. Also, go to a college application essay writing workshop. There’s one September 19th at Smith college that’s free and highly spoken of to help seniors in need.
  7. Start checking into the office for any scholarships you wish to apply to. There’s always announcements in the morning to remind seniors what the available scholarships are. Seniors can also start looking into if they qualify for financial aid.

Now you can see why all the seniors are so swamped with everything they have to do on top of playing sports, work, and keeping a social life. Thankfully, all the seniors have the help and support of Mrs. Gazzillo and the rest of the staff.


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