Hopkins Academy

Back to School Drag

In Features, News on October 18, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Milewski ’12

The painful, yet inevitable reality that your days of staying out by the refreshing pool in the hot sun and then staying out as late as your body allows have come to an end with the start of the new school year. Although it can be very hard to get back into the daily routines involving school, some people may enjoy the change or the excitement of starting a new year.
However, there can be an agreement that the workload that is given the first week is sometimes stressful and unmanageable. After spending three months away from a learning environment, we become accustomed to relaxation with great amounts of free time. Writing a long essay or doing a series of difficult math problems can be overwhelming and quite exhausting the first few weeks of school.

After four years of high school, I have attempted many different ways to prevent these feelings and cope with exhausting schoolwork. Things like time management are helpful, but easier said than done. I have found that music is one of the only ways that helps me get through the intensive school work. Throughout the school year I will attempt to construct a play list of all genres that will be perfect for both leisure and homework.


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