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In News on October 20, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Goff ’12

Hey folks, as some of you may know there will be podcasting at Hopkins Academy courtesy of Michael Leveille, Matt Jacques, and me. You may be asking yourself “What is exactly is podcasting?”. Well, podcasting is a non-streamed webcast, which essentially means us three sitting down and talking about whats going on locally and around the world . Michael, Matt, and I took on this project at the beginning for our new media independent study. We have been prepping since the beginning year, but have been waiting for the arrival of our new equipment. Finally the day has arrived; our equipment  has come in, and now the only thing left to do is record. You should expect some pretty cool stuff coming to the Hawks Claw website such as;

  • World News
  • Local News
  • School News
  • Anything sports related, Hopkins and beyond
  • Important School Events
  • Interviews
  • Pop culture
  • Music


Don’t think we have forgotten about you. We will also talk about yearbook due dates, scholarships that you can get, and important graduation news. Our first podcast should be up sometime next week for you all to hear at the Hawks Claw website. Well that pretty much sums up what will be going on in the journalism room during E period, and remember if there is a sign on the journalism door saying RECORDING IN SESSION, don’t bother knocking because you won’t be able to enter. We hope you’re looking forward to listening and we would like to hear your feedback!

  1. Lovin’ these podcasts! Keep up the good work boyz!

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