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A New Type of Camera has Emerged

In Features on November 9, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Lytro, a company in Silicon Valley, unveiled a completely new type of camera on October 19 called The Lytro. The Lytro is a camera that uses a radical new technology to focus an image after it has been taken. While today’s camera’s use a lens to focus on a single object, Lytro uses a light field sensor to capture all areas of focus at once. Looking at the cameras internals, Lytro uses a supercomputer chip located behind a standard camera sensor to process where an object is in the light field by using complex algorithms that have been saved in the cameras internal storage.

This revolutionary new method of photography has made Lytro one of the most internally unique cameras around. One cool feature Lytro has is the ability to produce 3d images. Since the camera operates in a dynamic light field it captures three dimensions. This fact allows the camera to converge images in a way that makes them seem 3 dimensional.

On the outside Lytro isn’t a very traditional looking camera. In the shape of a rectangular prism, Lytro sports a 1.46 inch touchscreen lcd display that allows the user to refocus pictures already taken on the camera. Additional software by Lytro, soon available for pc and mac, will also be able this same procedure for higher resolution editing. The camera primarily uses its elongated shape to allow for a 8x optical zoom range for closer photos. Lytro is available at the beginning of 2012 starting at a price of $399. It is available with blue or grey exteriors.  Interested? Check it out for yourself at http://www.lytro.com.


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