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In News on December 13, 2011 at 1:58 pm

The Senate is set to vote on the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which has since been banned. It would allow the use of military forces inside the United States. These forces would have no limits to their power. Americans “would be denied all constitutional protections” and there would be no control on the abuse of these powers. While many Republicans and Democrats do not support this bill, some do and the bill remains a possibility.

Facebook is set to go public between April and June. Facebook’s worth is set around $100 billion, how much will be for sale is not yet known.

99.51% of Russians voted in the recent Prime Minister election. 99.48% of those votes were in favor of Vladimir Putin, the current Prime Minister.

Former Illinois Govener Rob Blagojevich is facing a possible sentence of 20 years in federal prison after being convicted of 17 counts of corruption.

Friday the United States Labor Department released a statement claiming that the current American unemployment rate is only 8.6%.

Since 2000, a total of 196 members of Congress — 126 Republicans and 70 Democrats — have written to the pardons office on behalf of more than 200 donors and constituents.

Some U.S. companies, such as Westinghouse Electric Co., have begun to train employees to have the skills they need, rather than wait for the perfect candidate. These jobs are as advanced as plant technicians or laboratory chemists.


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