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There’s a Fire Starting in Adele’s Heart

In Uncategorized on January 3, 2012 at 5:35 pm

As many were left powerless after the strange snowstorm that hit on October 30th, society had to occupy themselves in other ways that did not involve electricity. Fortunately, my Ipod remained charged throughout the power outage, so I was able to stay entertained as I lived without power for a few days.

Adele, a singer-songwriter from South London, made her debut in 2006 when she was signed to XL Recording. Her release of her first album 19, received much recognition especially after she released her single Chasing Pavements, which stayed number two on the top UK Charts for four weeks. During the 2010 Grammy awards, Adele received a Grammy nomination for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” for the performance of  “Hometown Glory,” a soulful ballad that touched the hearts of many. Soon after in 2011 she headlined a sold out tour across the world entitled “Adele Live.” The release of 21 in early 2011, brought worldwide fame to the young singer/songwriter when “Rolling In Deep” peaked number one in eight countries on the Billboard Hot 100.

Adele’s fan base has been growing and will keep growing as long as the beautiful Englishwomen keeps writing songs. However recently, Adele experienced vocal chord hemorrhaging and “Rumor Has It” that she was diagnosed with throat cancer. Adele’s doctors proved this false. However, she underwent the career risking surgery to that would fix her throat problems. The support she got form her fans was unbelievable with a trending topic on twitter entitled “#PrayforAdele.”  Hopefully Adele will be back to full recovery soon to put out more albums and go on a second world tour.

Both 19 and 21 shows Adele’s talent not in only in her voice, but in her heartfelt lyrics. Adele writes about relatable experiences including relationships and leaving home. Such topics are so relatable and relevant to our generation that you can pretty much find a song to fit any feelings you have. Although “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep” are obvious hits, both 19 and 21 have many other great songs that I would highly recommend listening to including “Daydreamer” and “Turning Tables.” Adele has proved herself to be a successful well-loved songwriter and to what I believe, it is only the beginning of the artist’s flourishing career.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2058925/Adele-undergoes-surgery-vocal-cords-U-S-Steven-Tylers-throat-doctor.html


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