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Valentine’s Day Playlist – Rachel and Ms. Bernier Break it Down-

In Features on February 14, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Ms. B – I’ve never really loved Valentine’s day – because mostly because I’ve got a dissertation kicking around in my head about love in consumer centered world – not all that romantic- let’s be honest.  I also spent a good part of my college years single on Valentine’s day – stuck between relationships and obligatorily bitter about the whole thing called love.  I threw a lonely hearts party three years running, and required dress, was of course, black. I haven’t been single for Valentines day for a long time, but I can totally honor and respect the fact that this day of love, born out of the beheading of a Saint named Valentine – can be hard for those among us who haven’t found the love that Hallmark keeps telling us we should aspire too.   The plan was to celebrate the dark side today, and give you a playlist of all the best love-gone-wrong songs, but Rachel brought some sunshine in.

Rachel– Honestly, I don’t  buy into Valentine’s day, I’m one of those irritating people who rants about how it was created by big business card companies, because IT TOTALLY IS. But I don’t dislike V-day, I can’t hate a holiday that has so much candy, it just goes against everything I believe in. Plus, I love making Valentines, red construction paper, doilies, and plenty of glitter is how I roll. In fact, I made valentines with my best friend a couple years ago for the entire grade, and it was awesome. Valentine’s day is one of those days that can be completely miserable, but only if you let it be. My valentine this year is my cat Olga, I bought her a can of Friskies, and she promised not to puke in my bed, so I’m looking forward to tonight. Listen, buy yourself one of those 2 pound boxes of chocolate, turn one these playlists on, and rock out.  (not too hard, your going to be eating a lot of chocolate).

Ms. B – Alright we’re starting with the Angst, (yes that has been awkwardly capitalized to show the force of it all). First song – Inside Out, Eve 6.  From the first guitar chord you know you’re in for a little bit of heartbreak done up right.

I would swallow my pride I would choke on the rind. But, the lack there of  would leave me empty inside. Swallow my doubt. Turn it inside out, find nothin’ but faith in nothing. Wanna put my tender heart in a blender, watch it spin round to a beautiful oblivion. Rendezvous, then I’m through with you.

That’s right – heart in a blender.  If you’re there, this is the tune for you.

Rachel– I’m not a huge country fan, I mean I like Johnny Cash (but who doesn’t), but I have a soft spot for the Hank Williams song, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. Oh Lord, that song tears me apart even if I’m in a good mood. You can just hear the sadness poring through the speakers, it’s the kind of song you play when your about to call up that person you shouldn’t call and make one of those ” Ain’t proud to beg to beg” calls. “I’ve never seen a night so long,when time goes crawling by, the moon just went behind a cloud,To hide its face and cry.” Oh Hank, you’re breaking me.

Ms. B – Feeling a little ambivalent towards love?  Not sure you should stay or go, not sure, if you’ve found the magic you were looking for?  Maybe you broke-up and you think you want your person back? Then Eddie Vedder’s  Hard Sun is for you.  Vedder stepped out as lead man from his long time band Pearl Jam for the Into the Wild soundtrack and this tune got a whole lot of play for a red- hot-minute.

When I walk beside her, I am the better man. When I look to leave her, I always stagger back again.

Throw this on when you’re not sure what side of the love aisle you’re on – not that I expect you will get answers, but at least you know that others dally in indecisiveness along with you.

Rachel– Okay, time for some lovin, Beach Boys style. Wouldn’t It Be Nice is a wonderful song. If you try to deny that, I’m going to have to judo-chop you. It’s just a great song, whether or not your in crush mode. It’s simple, it makes me think of summer, and it just rocks my mind. It just makes me want to have a crush on a cute guy who smells nice and we go get Primo together and watch all of the 80’s Batman movies in a row. That is how the Beach Boys make me feel.

Ms. B –  Alright I’m coming down out of the bitter tree to discuss a little bit of love. Flipped through the music collection to find Van Morrison’s Crazy Love.  And before we even get into what he’s talking about, let’s just back up and talk about how a voice like Van Morrison can make anyone feel a little bit of love.  Further, this is one of the songs that makes you want to be loved like he sings.

I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles, and the heavens open every time she smiles, and when I come to her that’s where I belong, yet I’m running to her like a river’s song.

To have someone sing like this about you, or to be the person that gives this kind of love, seems to be something a lot of humanity is striving for.

Rachel – I’m still going with the love vibe, because I’m diggin’ it, so I’m going to go ahead and put Alison’s Starting to Happen by The Lemonheads. I love this song so much, in fact I’ve adored The Lemonheads since my older brother gave me the “It’s A Shame About Ray” c.d when I was about 8. ANYWAY, this song (and pretty much everything they touch) is great, and I love the lyrics. It’s talking about that moment when you start to realize you’re into somebody, and you feel like running around the halls when nobody is there and doing the cabbage patch. There are many awesome lines such as, ” I never looked at her this way before, but now she’s all I see” and my personal favorite line ” She’s the puzzle piece behind the couch, that made the sky complete”. Listen to this song if your in crush mode, you won’t come down for a long time.

Ms. B –  Okay staying in schmoper mode- I’m torn between telling you about the Shins, Cat Stevens, or Elliot Smith – if this article hadn’t already  toppled over a thousand words, I would tell you about all three, and detail the scenes that each of them can be found in my favorite movies. But, since it has, I’ll stick with Cat Stevens, and say it’s time to add If you want to Sing out, Sing Out to the playlist. Figured prominently on the Harold and Maude soundtrack, this is one you can add to  either your heartbreak list or in crazy love list.   This one is really about finding your love of yourself, and your heart, and the things that you are good at.  Not to play armchair psychologist, but word is, before you can share your heart with anyone else, you have to be content with the love you have in your own heart.

Rachel and I want to wish all of you a happy Valentine’s day.  Whether you’re sharing  a burger by candle light, or dishing up a can of Friskies for your cat, may you find the love you need.

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