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Springfield Falcons: Great, Local, and Affordable Hockey in Western Mass

In Sports on February 27, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Bernard ’14

We all know that times have been tough lately with the economy, there are lots of people still unemployed, prices are going up for almost everything, especially entrainment. We all know that the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins tickets are very expensive. College sports are fun to go to, however the environment can be a little too much for small children. But there is professional hockey in Springfield that is a great time and affordable too.

Hockey in Springfield has been around for a long time and is a great tradition. Before the Springfield Falcons were the Springfield Indians, then they were renamed the Springfield Kings. In 1994 the team became the Springfield Falcons. The Indians established the great tradition of hockey in Springfield, however the Falcons have not done well in the last few years. Due to this there was talk of the team being relocated by their NHL affiliate, now the Columbus Blue Jackets. However the Falcons are in Springfield to stay for a while. The new majority owner, Charlie Pompea, who acquired the team in 2010 said he wanted to keep the Falcons in Springfield, MA.

If you are wondering about the cost to see a Falcons game, there is no need to worry. Adult tickets for great seats range anywhere from $18-$23. While children can sit anywhere  for about $11.There are also ticket packages that can be purchased, which give you 12 or 44 “blank” tickets, which you can redeem for tickets at any regular season home game  in the 2011-2012 season. There are only 13 home games left,  so if you want to see great hockey, that is affordable, and local, head on over to Springfield to see a game.


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