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Aero Shots

In Features, Uncategorized on March 25, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Never heard of them? You probably will soon. Distributed onto shelves just last month in Massachusetts and New York, it may just be the next Four Loko.

Created by a Harvard brainiac, David Edwards, explains his creation as a “breathable cup of coffee”. So actually, it’s caffeine that you inhale. It looks like an inhaler, the size of a large stick of chap-stick.  Easily accessible, easily digestible, easily abused. Sound dangerous? Sen. Charles Schumer commented on this new invention saying “this could fuel club kids to party until they drop, dead.” Recommended to only take 3 inhales per day; any more than that can peak serious consequences.

Lucky for one thing though, it’s not flying off the shelves, more like collecting dust.  Don Singh, a clerk at a city deli, according to a recent article on the topic, said he only sold about 24 canisters since they have been put on the shelf, a month ago. And the cost isn’t the issue either, sold for only $2.99. A clerk at another store said she even sent the case back to the distributors, reporting that none were sold at all.

With Aero Shots getting little attention, it has led to no fad or abuse… so far. In these type of cases, you have to think ahead. Manufacturers today are making it easier and easier for teens to have a “great” time, with a consequential ending.


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