Hopkins Academy

Florida, Florida, Florida!

In Features on March 27, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Waskiewicz ’12

1 more day folks, 1 more day! For about 80 days now, the students from Hopkins Academy have been counting down the days before the Florida trip arrives! Mr. Forman has worked his hardest to prepare the band members for the cruel, yet magnificantly talented judges. He has no idea what the judges will say or critique the band on, so he had tried to perfect everything possible. The students are feeling the pressure, and are extremely psyched about the competition. Not only are they all psyched about the competition, (and hopefully coming in first!) but are obviously excited about going to the parks, basking in the 80+ degree weather, and getting a week off from school. The students aren’t the only ones that are excited about this mini vacation…some teachers cannot wait for the students to leave! This just may be the last big hoorah for the seniors, so they better make the most of this trip! Go over your list of things to bring, it would be very bad if someone forgot something important, like the competition black and white attitre! Pack your sunglasses and sunscreen Hopkins Academy band members, because in less than 24 hours you all will be on your way to Florida! Good luck and enjoy!


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