Hopkins Academy

Students reward – early end of school year and a longer summer!

In Announcements, News on April 1, 2012 at 11:55 am

Waskiewicz ’12

There has been news that Hopkins Academy will be ending this year early due to excessively good grades! Since the students have been working so hard, that grades have been improving dramatically. The teachers, Mrs. Bonneville, and Dr. Young have noticed the great improvement in both grades and MCAS scores, and decided that because their was such improvement, the students should be rewarded. They bickered and conversed for about a week or two, and finally decided that instead of giving longer vacations and more freedom to the students during school hours, they might as well just end the school year early and give the students a longer summer vacation. As you can imagine, the students were ecstatic about this new change!

At first none of the students believed this to be true, but after Mrs. Bonneville sent out letters home to parents and had an assembly letting everyone know what was going on was when the students completely believed her! Hopefully the students don’t use this once in a lifetime reward unwisely, because if they do this may never happen again. It was surprising to hear at first, but the students truly deserve this. Since all of them buckled down when they had to, their grades and scores all increased. If they hadn’t, this amazing reward never would have happened! Good work students, you deserve this!


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