Hopkins Academy

Senior countdown!

In Announcements, News on April 4, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Growing up, older people have always told me to enjoy being young, and not rush into growing up. Going into my senior year, I thought this would be the longest and most painfully tough year for myself, but it’s actually been the easiest and most relaxing/fun year.

Being a senior, so many more privileges and rights have been given to me; I love it. We are allowed to sit in the courtyard for lunch, leave school at lunchtime to get food, and depending on the teacher, leave class a little early if the teacher isn’t teaching. We are watched a little more closely, but we are also given so much more freedom.

It’s a good thing that the teachers give all the senior students a little more freedom and relaxation when it comes to homework and long assignments because of everything else that senior students are dealing with. If it’s not school work they’re worried about, its applying to colleges, filling out scholarships, and trying to find a summer job. All of those things are extremely overwhelming, but with the help from other friends and teachers, the work load can become a little less heavy.

The senior students are surely appreciating being on the top of the food chain before they all become the bottom of the food chain as soon as they enter college. College is a whole new experience, which frightens yet excites the seniors. Most of them are excited to venture out into the world, and make their own lives, while some of the seniors are just excited to be out of school to continue or start working. Almost all the seniors are entering college, and are ready (some unwillingly) to start their next couple of years of school.

The days are winding down, 30 to this day to be exact. Keep working hard seniors, don’t give up just yet….You’re almost there!


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