Hopkins Academy

Scholarship deadlines approaching!

In Features on May 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Each day, the seniors become one day closer to one of the biggest days of their lives. A countdown hasn’t started just yet, but the days are winding down quicker and quicker. With a class of 50 or more students, at least one of them a day says something about how excited they are to graduate or how we will be going to college next year. These kind of things are so exciting to hear, yet unbelievably scary at the same time. Applying for schools and federal student aid is a very confusing and overwhelming thing, but after all is achieved and you are accepted to your schools, it all seems worth it. This next part seems to be one of the biggest pains for the seniors; applying for scholarships.

At this point, everyone feels as if they are done applying for everything and that they are one step away from going to college…wrong! In order to be able to pay for college, scholarships are big necessity for some families. It seems to be that scholarships are the biggest pain because most scholarships require an essay of some sort. Most students do not apply for these scholarships because they are too  lazy and don’t see the point. The best advice that I have to give is even though scholarships are a big hassle, they can have great benefit to the applicant if taken seriously. It may seem that going to college will put you and your family in a large amount of debt, but with a good amount of scholarships, that debt can reduce drastically. Overlook the hassle and fill out some scholarships, hopefully they will greatly benefit you in the end!

  1. I totally agree! Applying for scholarships is definitely worth it in the end. Local scholarships are the least competitive so if your are looking to maximize your time, apply for local scholarships first and then go national. Good luck 🙂

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