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Autumn Time Activities

In Features on October 18, 2012 at 12:51 pm

It’s that time of year again, that’s right it’s Autumn. The season that is known so well across the country, as the New England season. Now what does this mean? This means the tree’s are starting to change from green to the magnificent oranges, red, and purples.This means tourists will be all over Massachusetts to see the display that mother nature is putting on for us.

Now with Autumn comes activities, outdoor activities. Yes I said outdoor! This means it’s time for you to get off your butts, and to stop playing video games. It’s time to go outside and enjoy the fall festivities and cool refreshing air!

Festivities you may be asking, I’ll make it easier for you, below will be listed all of the activities you can enjoy these next few months.

  • Mike’s Maze ( the corn maze) Open on September 1st -the start of the winter, located at 23 South Main St. Sunderland MA, at the Warner Farm. This years theme features, The Sower’s Banquet.
  • The Hitchcock Center in Amherst, MA is holding an Enchanted Forest walk along a trail lined with glowing pumpkins, while characters perform skits. Games and other activities will be inside the center…There will also be a Fortune Teller! October 19th and 20th from 5-8:30 pm
  • Hike the surrounding mountain trails, including Mt. Sugarloaf in Sunderland, the Holyoke range and the Summit House, (The Holyoke range can be explored in Hadley, South Hadley, Granby, and Amherst.)
  • The Haunted Hayride at McCray’s Farm in South Hadley, Starting late September until the last weekend in October, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s starting at 7pm
  • The Little Munchkin ride at McCray’s Farm starting at 5:30pm for families with small children.
  • Apple picking! Sadly though, Atkins will not be doing apple picking this year due to the frost in April, but you can try many of the other local orchards.
  • Drink warm Apple Cider from Atkins while indulging yourself on their yummy cider donuts!
  • Get some pumpkin spice coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and if you like a bargain you can hit up Cumby’s(Cumberland Farms) they have pumpkin spice coffee, any size just $.99!
  • Rake some leaves, then jump in the pile!
  • Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
  • Carve a pumpkin, be creative try something tricky!
  • For the rainy days you can hit up Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, they always have fun attractions there. And you can get some delicious smelling candles for your house!
  • I’m saving the last because it’s everyone’s all time favorite….October 31st..trick or treating!!! You are never too old to adorn a costume and go out with friends, whether you are giving out candy or going door to door.

I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities! Happy Fall!


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