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PVSO Season Overview-Melodious or monotonous at the movies, what concerts to go to

In Features on October 25, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Anna Walker ’14

October 27,7:30p.m.This concert will be performed by the PVSOrchestra they will be doing:
Rossini-William Tell Overture
Perry-The Silent Years(Mass premiere with film!)
Borodin-Symphony No.2 in B minor
This concert will have exiting pieces and even some well-known pieces but with no lyrics it will have a tendency to run long and be boring.

December 15,7:00-This concert with have the PionneerValleySymphonyOrchestra PioneerValleySymphonyChorus and GreenfieldHighSConcertChoir all performing in various combinations through the concert:
Debussy-(150th anniversary) Clair de Lune
Lauridsen- Mid-Winter Songs
Mancini-Tribute to Henry Mancini featuring Theme from “The Pink Panther”
Adler-The Feast of Lights
Anderson- A Christmas Festival
Arr.Krogstad- Chirstmas at the Movies: Miracle on 34th street(Broughton),The Polar Express(Ballard and Silvestri),Somewhere in my Memory(Bricusse and Williams), Making Chrstmas(Elfman),Where are you Christmas?(Jennings,Horner,and Carey)
Menotti-Introduction,March and Sheperd’s Dance from Amahl and the Night Visitors
Arr.Strommen-There’s Christmas in the Air
This is the Christmas concert and will have some of the best pieces of the season with singing and coarols and will just be a great night a late one but a great one.

February 2,7:30- This concert will be performed by the orchestra with guest violinist Johnny Gandelsman
Copland-Music from The Red Pony(Morning on the Ranch, Dream March, Happy Ending)
Glass-Violin Concerto
Williams-Three Pieces from Schindler’s list
Gershwin- An American in Paris
For the string lover this will be a can’t miss concert everybody else monotonous as nothing is that well know and there are no lyrics.

March 16,7:30-This concert will be performed by the orchestra with guest cellist Yehuda Hanani
Wagner-Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March from Götterdämmerung
Dvorak-Cello Concerto in B minor
Beethoven-Symphony No.7 in A major
For the cello player just as February was for the violinists this will be the can’t miss concert the rest of us will need to find other entertainment for this month.

April 14,3:00-This concert will be performed by soly the PVSChorus
Morricone-River from “The Mission”
Bruckner-Os Justi
Morley-Now is The Month of Maying
Whitacre-The Seal Lullaby
Wagner-Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin
Barber-Agnus Dei(Adagio for Strings)
Mancini-Moon River
Britten-Five Flower Songs
Arlen-Over The Rainbow
This will be the second best concert of the season being entirely vocal music with accompaniment and the most number of well known pieces for any one of the concerts this season.

May 18,7:30-This concert will be performed by the PVSOrchestra, PVSChorus and SATB soloists
Mozart-Overature to The Marriage of Figaro,K. 492
Mozart-Vesperae solennes de confessore, K.339
Mahler-Symphony No. 4 in G
The end of the season every year holds with it a bittersweet melonclly that can not alow you to pass by the concert this year though, it also needs to inclue airplain pillows as the only vocal piece is in latin and nothing is exiting.


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