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Q&A For Photo Gallery

In News, Photo Gallery on October 25, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Anna Walker ’14

Have you ever said to yourself  “I take a lot of pictures! And… they’re not half  bad!” But then you don’t known what to do with all of them? Well now there is an answer to your pleas for something to do with those pictures! Submit them to the new Hawk’s Claw Photo Gallery! Don’t know how to get those pictures to the newspaper?

Do this- tag the Hawk’s Claw in a tweet with your picture or, put your picture on the Hawk’s Claw Facebook page!

Q-How do I upload a picture to twitter?

A-Log into your Twitter account. Go to the Hawk’s Claw twitter page and click on the text box under the “tweet to the Hawk’s Claw” located in the left hand margin.  Once this opens, there will be a picture of a camera in the blue edging. Type in the text box-your name followed by the title of your work. At this point click on the little camera picture. Your photo gallery in your computer will pop up. Select the picture you would like to upload. Once you are returned to the screen showing your tweet you simply hit the “Tweet” button and your done!

Q-How do I upload a picture to Facebook?

A-Log into your Facebook account. Go to the Hawk’s Claw Facebook page. At the top of the screen click on the little tab-like photo button. This will bring you to your photo gallery. Select the photo you wish to upload. Put your name and the title of your piece as the cation. Hit post, and your done!


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