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Oh I’m Sorry, Were You Offended?

In Editorials on November 20, 2012 at 1:05 pm

You may or may not know, I’m a hard person to offend. As long as you aren’t hurting someone, more power to you. But it’s getting to be holiday season, and I feel like there has to be some voice of reason in the sea of craziness. It’s this time of year that kills my faith in humanity, or what little left of it there is. Someone wants to celebrate one holiday, and someone else gets offended because it’s not the holiday they celebrate. So what? Who cares what someone else wants to do. I celebrate Christmas, I say merry Christmas to people, unless I already know they don’t celebrate it as well. If I say, “Merry Christmas,” to someone, and they happen to be Jewish, I say happy Hanukkah to them from then on. If someone told me happy Hanukkah, or Solstice, or whatever they may celebrate, I say thanks, but I actually celebrate Christmas. I don’t get mad or upset because, well quite frankly, they’re still being nice.

I work at a place that very blatantly decorates for Christmas. We say, “Merry Christmas” to all our customers, and surprise, no one gets offended. I have not had one person complain to me, my managers, or other customers about us saying merry Christmas. I personally believe it’s because regardless of what we say, we mean it in a nice way. It’s the same as saying have a good day or weekend, just with a holiday twist. If a stores policies offend someone so much that they don’t want to shop there, so be it. Come back when that holiday is over. It’s not going to change the quality of the product,  or the attitudes of the people in the store. All that is different is the little phrase that is spoken.

I don’t have a problem with people saying happy holidays. It covers all the bases and is safe to say. What I think is ridiculous is when people are forced to say happy holidays, for fear of offending someone. People should just say what they want to say. This country is so obsessed with not offending anyone, people are afraid to even talk, let alone express opinions. As a country the pressure put on people over the most trivial things, such as an everyday greeting,  that its best to just keep your mouth shut, and talk to as little people as possible to avoid possible confrontation over November/December celebration preferences. I have never apologized for saying, “Merry Christmas”, and I do not wish anyone ever have to apologize for their holiday greeting to me.  Say what you want, and feel good about yourself. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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