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Why Our Generation is Doomed, Part 2

In Editorials on November 27, 2012 at 1:03 pm

#YOLO, possibly the most annoying phrase to come out of our generation. It all started with “The Motto”  by rapper Drake. The “motto” being You Only Live Once. Oh really Drake? I thought I was a freakin’ cat or something. I only live once? Well that means I have to go do the stupidest things I can think of and not worry about the consequences. The concept of YOLO is actually something that I like, but it’s what these ignorant, moronic, trash spewing people have done to it that I have a problem with.

Oh you’re 14 and you’re going to a party to get drunk and black out because YOLO? Have fun being on 16 and pregnant with early signs of alcoholism. You’re going to try hard drugs? Why? Oh YOLO huh? Well just remember, don’t drop the soap once you get to prison. It’s not just the stupid/dangerous things that abuse the YOLO idea. It’s these young kids who think they’re acting adult when they don’t do anything. “Bed time at 9, but I stayed up until 930! #YOLO” Really? That’s what you think deserves a you only live once comment? Between these two types of people using the phrase, I think it is safe to say YOLO’s chance at being anything meaningful has officially been destroyed.

Now, I said the concept of YOLO isn’t a bad thing. I don’t think it is. You Only Live Once is a message to enjoy your life, and to not take anything for granted. It could actually be an important and meaningful message if it wasn’t ruined by pop culture icons and stupid teenagers. But we teenagers take everything and ruin it by using it as an excuse to do stupid things. Once again, this is why our generation is doomed.


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