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Horoscope 101: Opposites and Compatability

In Features on December 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm


Art by Sostopher on deviantart.com

Compiled By: Laurel King ’13

In the world of Astrology, opposite signs do not always mean that they are matches made in heaven. It is more along the lines of one that the other is “made for.” The opposite sign possesses a quality that the other doesn’t. This can lead to Love/Hate relationships between opposites, and though they are on different ends of the spectrum of signs, opposites are often not so opposite. They usually have the same goal in mind as their partner. This makes it possible for both to achieve that goal, since they compensate for each other. But first, you’d have to get the opposites to get along with each other first.


Both Libras and Aries strive for leadership and freedom. This can cause the justice-loving Libran and the hot-headed Aries to butt heads, much like the ram, ironically. Where the Aries dives right into decisions and takes course from there, the Libra thinks situations through thinking about every angle. This doesn’t fly well with the Aries. And an Aries’ bluntness of demanding and not asking can throw the scales of a Libra. What most people think of with an Aries being a fire sign is that they have hot and destructive tempers. Yes and no. An Aries’ temper is like a thunderstorm, rumbly and showy, lasting for a while. But a windy Libra is like a Tornado. You do not want those scales to tip. It’s strong and fast, but will be over soon.  And though this may seem like a Libra and Aries may never get along they often complete each other in those respects. Libras are indecisive and an Aries’ readiness often gives them the push to make that decision. And a Libra’s justice scales keeps an Aries from harming themselves with decisions they would have made otherwise if it weren’t for a Libra being there to hold them back. An Aries would give a Libra the shirt right off their backs, and a Libra will defend an Aries when they are attacked by others. The mutual respect between the two brings out balance and confidence in the Ram and firm decisions and aspiration to the Scales.


The Taurus and Scorpio are both very stubborn individuals. Where the Scorpios die with their secrets a Taurus dies with honesty. A Taurus doesn’t understand the point to a Scorpio’s secrecy, but that’s what makes Scorpio so sexy and alluring. Mystery. But the Taurus has something on the Scorpio; an inner calm. They are able to be at peace, unlike the Scorpio who needs to have constant stimulation to keep them going. Though they are both hard-workers, a Scorpio knows when to do what, whereas the Bull charges forward and doesn’t look back, which often leaves a messy Fine China store. But a Scorpio needs to know when sarcasm is appropriate or not, seeing as though the Taurus doesn’t think in undertones and can be hurt by sarcasm, even if the Scorpio didn’t intend it. But a Taurus needs to learn how to swing with things. The Bull wishes it could understand why the Scorpio just knows some things. But, to redeem these two, both know what boundaries can and cannot be crossed. they have full respect for each other. A Taurus is very dependable, so a Scorpio can leave their trust in them, and a Scorpio is so convoluted that it keeps the Taurus on their toes and always wanting more.


Though many may think that a Sagittarius is active and outgoing, they are actually very shy and reserved. And as we all know, Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means they have two sides, like the Sagittarius that can go from shy to talkative. So really, there are four people in this relationship hidden in two. When the Sagittarius shows their honest and truthful side, the Gemini challenges their thoughts with inquisitive banter. This can lead to the Gemini persuading the Sagittarius to try something new. But the Gemini can often be cold and play head games with people, so the Sagittarius’ warmth and forgiving nature redeems them of this and brings them back to open arms. But the Gemini must be careful of how they speak for a Sagittarian. A Sagittarian will call out a Gemini if they are being rude. This honest approach can be blunt and shut a Gemini right down since the twins don’t understand that their games may hurt some people. The Gemini is there to keep the Sagittarius alive and active, so they don’t shrivel up in their houses getting no sun, and the archer is there to calm the twins, to keep them in check so they don’t hurt others, or in the long run, themselves.


Cancers are very adaptable to change, being an emotional water sign, and a Capricorn will only change if it benefits them. This can throw the Cancer off. Cancers are very emotional and always changing. They are in the wiles of passion and feelings, whereas the Capricorn has their heart in a steel box instead of on their sleeve. But they both have kindness and parental instincts, the Cancer being more maternal and the Capricorn being more paternal. A Cancer’s obvious kindness and warmth attracts the Capricorn who loves to be fussed over, but will never ever admit it. The Capricorn is a heavy worker and is often work then play. They change the physical and the Cancer changes metaphysical. But what the Cancer may not know about the Capricorn is that they too are emotional, they just don’t show it like Cancers do. Cancers can be overbearing sometimes with their emotional swings and may exasperate a Capricorn. The Capricorn bottles up their emotions and sometimes needs someone as squishy as a Cancer to remind them that they too are human. But at the end of the day, both sings can sit in silence and just be with each other. that is where they shine the most.


Leos and Aquarians have to learn how to blend their opposing forces with each other. They can be often to fixed on their own ideas to give the others a chance. Leos are graceful and attention magnets. When they walk into the room they call for the spotlight. Aquarians accept life for what it is and accept themselves. Leos are afraid to let their true colors show whereas Aquarius is more concerned with bigger mysteries in life and live in their heads. Aquarius teaches the Leo how to be a weirdo and be free with themselves, and a Leo gives affection to a usually shut off Aquarius. Aquarians need to learn how to express love so the Leo knows they are loved and not to toy with a their inner fires, otherwise they may some off as being full of themselves and neglectful. And a Leo needs to learn that there are different ways of expressing love and should never be ashamed to express love, not everything they need to do is for show, and they aren’t always going to be treated like royalty. Though they may seem to be a hopeless couple, both signs are very generous and kind. They love to surprise each other and gift each other, too. If both are willing to blend, they can work.


Virgos are notorious for their cleanliness and tact. They are never late and always have enough sleep. They are orderly and know where everything is and all the dates they need to know. A Pisces, however, is the exact opposite. They are messy and colorful people. Though the mess they make has its own charm, it’s relaxed and meant to be messy. They know where everything is and don’t even want a Virgo to go poking around int their organized mess. Pisceans crave the Virgo’s order and cleanliness. If they want that, they need to learn to be less day-dreamy and stop procrastinating. But a Virgo needs to learn to relax a little. Being together would help the Pisces be more organized and the Virgo to be less rigid. Both are restless signs, though. A Virgo may be patient, but they are also fussy and picky, wanting perfection. A Pisces wishes and wishes for things and because they have faith and think positively, those wishes often come true. It’s like they’re made of fairy dust, which baffles with Virgo with no luck. The Virgo is the rock that keeps the Pisces to the ground, and the Piscean keeps the Virgo on their toes, completing the circle in full swing.


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