Hopkins Academy

Lack of Color

In Features on February 15, 2013 at 1:41 pm

The Unfortunate Displacement of Mr. Green
-Andrea Valentini ’13

There is a little room in the smack dab middle of the junior hall. That little room, 112, is missing something. Green to be specific. Mr. Green, a favorite teacher of many, has been displaced from his usual spot next to Mrs. Selig and Mrs. Menko. The school just isn’t the same without him saying hello to everyone walking by as he slaps his yard stick on the ground and cracks jokes with everyone. His move in location is socially and academically inconvenient to everyone. Including him.

Because Mr. Green was moved to the top floor he misses “interacting with former students,” and we miss him too. Who’s supposed to sample everything I make in Mrs. Menko’s home economics class? Mr. Green is the only one brave enough to try all of my culinary creations, and happily too! Who’s supposed to boost our self esteem by telling us we did a great job, when we know we failed miserably, or tell us we need to try harder when he knows we can do better. It doesn’t matter if we’re current students or haven’t had Mr. Green in years he’s always willing to listen, give advice and academic help to anyone to who needs it.

There have been many times when I’ve needed help with math and he has taken the time to re-explain everything to me and work with me until I can grasp the concepts of what I’m trying to learn. It’s not just a light-bulb that goes off in a student’s head when he’s teaching, he sparks a green lantern. Mr. Vreeland mentioned that he often asks Mr. Green about how to time and create his tests. It would be much easier for him to just walk down the hall to talk to him instead of trying to find time to go across the school just to ask him a question. It’s really unfortunate that less high-school kids will get the opportunity to have Mr. Green as a teacher or have the ability to stop in his room in between classes to ask him a question.

We miss more than just his academic help. Mr. Green adds a splash of color to the hall. He has a vibrant charisma that is simply irreplaceable. I’ve asked many, at least fifteen, students exactly what it is that they miss about Mr. Green being around and the funny thing is none of us can explain it. One student said it perfectly after contemplating for a few minutes how to word exactly what it is they miss about him. “We just miss…him.” was her final response. Everyone around agreed enthusiasticly. “It’s his personality,” someone chimed in. “His laugh and sense of humor,” added another. We just miss him. Every student said they wish they still had the ability to say hello to him in the hall going to and from classes.

As a side note, I’m not saying at all that we don’t love having Senora Fitzgibbons around. Because we do! I personally love hearing the Spanish music videos when I walk by. But as she puts it “It makes no sense to separate the departments.” She also told me that it is very inconvenient for her to be across the school from Madame Robert. They often collaborate on curriculums, the international day plays, the international club they share, and discuss the senior class they are advisers for. “I know Madame would definitely agree with me” she added.

Although the school pushes for “going green” environmentally, they seem to be pushing the person aside a little too much. Mr. Green should be down stairs with all his other math buddies. Socializing and having intellectual mathematical conversations. His teacher friends miss him, and just because Mr. Vreeland is color blind, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to see green.


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