Hopkins Academy

Locked Bathrooms. Again.

In Editorials on February 28, 2013 at 11:23 pm

Benjamin Pitta ’14

This morning Principal Rooney made another in a long string of announcements that the boys bathrooms will be closed and locked again. This time it applies to the bathrooms on the high school and middle school levels. He has done this in response to the persistent vandalism of the boys bathrooms, including graffiti, lewd and unhygienic messes, and simply wanton destruction.  This must end!

Having these bathroom locked is a massive inconvenience to the male population of the school. The Bathrooms that are locked are the most convenient ones to use. If they are locked  and a male student at Hopkins hears the call of nature, he must make a journey so long, that if Homer was still alive today he would write an epic to chronicle it. The only bathrooms that remain open are the boys locker room, and the bathroom directly next to the locker room. Neither of these are remotely near to any of the academic classrooms in the school.

There is the option of signing out in the office, but that has its flaws as well. Sometimes there is a line at the sign out sheet that forces you to wait. Also, it’s just unpleasant to have to let everyone who may be in the office know that you need to pee. The easiest way to solve this problem would be to stop destroying the bathrooms. It is immature behavior and serves no purpose except to aggravate every other male student in the school, not to mention the janitorial staff and all faculty members. To the vandals: You are not funny, you are not being cool, you are not “rebelling”. You are childish and you are causing a totally unnecessary problem. Stop.

Editors note- Thoughts, comments? The Hawk’s Claw welcomes your feedback.


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