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Horoscope 101: Phobias

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(Phobia II by MadameDeVoltaire at deviantart.com)

Compiled By: Laurel King ’13




a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. (dictionary.com)

Everybody has a fear, whether they know it or not. there is something that crawls under their skin and won’t leave.  Whether it makes them cry, scream, shudder, or shut down, phobias are a very strong and influential part of the human psyche. It can handicap people from life’s wonders and advantages.

Aries Phobia: Kathiscophobia- The fear of sitting down/inaction.

As a very active sign, Aries would simply hate to be set down and told to shut up. They wish to be free and run around naked into the wilderness; take chances, break hearts, maybe even bones. They are their own Indiana Jones; you wouldn’t expect him to sit down, would you? Don’t make the rambunctious Aries stay put.

Taurus Phobia: Tropophobia- The fear of moving/change.

Strangely on the opposite spectrum as Aries, Taurus have the fear of the unexpected or change to something they are used to. As an earth sign, they rely on dependability and stability. They hate secrets and wish for honesty A secret might challenge their safety. Don’t change things while a Taurus is out.

Gemini Phobia: Sedatephobia- The fear of silence.

Gemini is a sign that craves constant intellectual stimulation. As an air sign they bring about change and freedom. Silence is the lack of change or stimulation, and in short, boredom. Gemini can’t stand boredom. They must feel the need to challenge. Don’t give dead responses to a Gemini.

Cancer Phobia: Agoraphobia- the fear of public outings/places or situations with no escape

A rather sheltered and homely sign, one could compare a Cancer to a Hobbit. They fear to leave the comfort of their homes and don’t like uninvited guests into their home, or being dragged out to do something they don’t want to do.  Don’t drag a Cancer unwillingly to the mall.

Leo Phobia: Athazagoraphobia- the fear of being forgotten/ignored

Leo bathes in the spotlight. They cannot get enough of it. They want people to know they are there, so when they’re pushed to the sidelines they become anxious and feel the need to be notice. They just want people to remember and notice them. Don’t exclude a Leo.

Virgo Phobia: Atelophobia- the fear of imperfection/flaws

Virgo is the definition of a perfectionist, verging on OCD. Their hair must be right, their room clean, and their albums alphabetically organized. If there is something they can’t change they get jittery. Don’t pin down a Virgo’s tidying hands.

Libra Phobia: Autophobia- the fear of loneliness/solitude (could be linked to self-loathing or the fear of oneself)

Libras are social signs. Though they do like their space and don’t always need social stimulation, they fear the feeling of loneliness or ending up alone. Whether or not they have friends does not determine this, they can still feel lonely in a crowd. If they feel alone their scales tip and so do they. Don’t let a Libra beat themselves up.

Scorpio Phobia: Cryptophobia- the fear of hidden things/secrets

Scorpios are usually they ones to hold a nasty secret or something juicy, so when someone knows something and they don’t, or aren’t allow to know they feel anxious knowing that they don’t know, or the possibility that the secret is important or special. Don’t tease a Scorpio with “I know something you don’t know!”

Sagittarius Phobia: (No specific name)- the fear of rejection/not being accepted

Sagittarius is a very friendly and loving sign that befriends many and wishes to be accepted. When they are rejected from a group, unlike some people who might brush it off, they might go into questioning their own worth. They want to be loved and appreciated as most people do, but they take rejection too harshly. Don’t tell a Sagittarius they don’t belong.

Capricorn Phobia: Atychiphoba- the fear of failure/not meeting expectations

Capricorns are workaholics. Their life revolves around the next goal or challenge, whether or not they know it. They wish to make progress, but they fear that they will not succeed in doing so, or they will fall short. That what they are working towards will never come to them. Don’t tell a Capricorn that you are disappointed in them.

Aquarius Phobia: Commitmentphobia- the fear of being committed/married

The fear of being tied down, or even married, can effect an Aquarius greatly. They are free-spirits and don’t wish to be held back if they wish to change. They never say “yes” or “no” to anything, it’s always a “maybe” in case they change their mind. Don’t demand a solid response or total commitment from an Aquarius.

Pisces Phobia: Agliophobia- the fear of pain/hurt

The fear of pain or hurt doesn’t always have to be physical. A Pisces fears being hurt by someone they may care for or have their feelings hurt. they only want appreciation and love from everyone. Physical pain also turns them away as they don’t wish anyone, themselves included to feel or be hurt. Don’t verbally or physically attack a Pisces.

(consideration to @xstrology on twitter.com )


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