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Horoscope 101: Careers

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Compiled By: Laurel King ’13

We all wish to be the best. Whether it be superhero, ace attorney, baseball star, or to join the CORPS, we all have a dream-self of what we want to be in the future. What we are good at and what we strive to be can be discovered and used to its fullest potential in the dream-job of your life. Of course, something as abstract as your astrological sign should not discourage you in anyway as to what you want to be, or sway your opinion.


Since Aries is a very outgoing and chance-taker kind of personality, the job best suited for one would be something that takes great big brass kahonies. From skyscraper window-washer to a cave-explorer, an Aries has no problem with doing the extremes, but never give them something that is boring.

Best Career Choice: The Army or ER Surgeon


Taurus are very grounded and loyal to their jobs. They take what they are given very seriously and plan to finish it. That last thing a Taurus wants is a job that is very laid back, but want a career that lets them have passion with it, not just to make money. They love to create and explore new ideas and things.

Best Career Choice: 5-Star Chef or Wall Street Broker


Gemini absolutely can not have a job that doesn’t stimulate critical thinking. They need it if they’re going to want to do something  even if it’s sitting behind a desk. At least make them a hacker. If you leave a Gemini alone in a cubical, when you check up on them later you’ll find that they’ve stacked all their desk items to chase away boredom.

Best Career Choice: Debater or Politician


The good ol’ Cancers are very emotionally driven, they would want a career that lets them take care of others and help them with whatever struggles they are having. Most times they act very motherly, but that can be a very aspect to follow in their careers. Don’t give them a job that requires not emotional attachment.

Best Career Choice: Therapist/Counselor or Social Services


Leo’s are attention hogs. They love it when people pay attention to them and allow them to take complete control over them. They want people to watch them and look up to them with a sparkle in their eyes. Whether that means that they are the head honcho of a bug corporation or a movie-star, they want it all.

Best Career Choice: Broadway-Bound or Radio Host


The perfectionist is always looking to make things better in their environment. They simply cannot function without fixing something or making something ugly into a beautiful object. They love to help the poor peasants who can’t tell red from chartreuse.

Best Career Choice: Interior Designer or Florist


Libra is all about the balance. They listen to both sides and decide what to do next, and though they are romantics, they know how to think reasonably. They do not, however,  like to work under pressure, but they have the passion to work for what they love.

Best Career Choice: Lawyer or Writer


Scorpio wants to know all the dirty secrets you have. They want to know what a movie star does in the mysterious darkness of Saturday night. They want to strut their stuff and allure mystery and suspense, just as they feed their hunger for secrets.

Best Career Choice: Tabloid Writer or Socialite


The Archer is all about the honesty and happiness in life. They will tell you when you’re wrong and they won’t be shy about it. They are not afraid to tell those crude jokes about that guy or that girl in that show. They dare to say all.

Best Career Choice: Stand-up Comedian or Advice Columnist


Capricorn is the business man. Capricorn is the cubical-worker or office CEO. They will kiss your shoes and order your coffee if it means that they will please their boss. this does not mean, however, that they are pushovers or expendable. They do it, and they do it well. Period.

Best Career Choice: CEO or Right-hand man


The Water-Bearer has always been a little strange. they dye their hair green and wear old combat boots. They sneer and they smirk. They neglect what they don’t care about and silently think what they deem to be important.

Best Career Choice: Art Critic or Philosopher


The doe-eyed Pisces sees the world through rosy glasses. They are the ones who sit in the back by the window and drift off to sleep or daydream about being somewhere else. Though they tend to be a procrastinator, they will give something their all if they believe in it.

Best Career Choice: Art Teacher or Childrens’ Book Writer


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