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The Return of the Governor

In Features on November 27, 2013 at 9:21 am

Austin Berbrighenti ’14

As I sat down on my couch to watch TV, the weekend slowly drew to a close. There was still one of my favorite parts of the weekend still awaited at nine o’clock. The Walking Dead was on, with its never disappointing episodes that air weekly. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show or haven’t ever watched it, I would strongly recommend that you start. The show has never been better and with the return of a previous character last week there is surely going to be some interesting interactions happening in the next few episodes. There has never been a better time to tune into or start watching Walking Dead.

The episode began right where we last saw the Governor in season 3. The man had just killed almost all of the people that were living in his protected town of Woodbury. He lackadaisically  stares into a fire as a walker is coming towards him. The walker trips and is slowly crawling towards him; he doesn’t flinch. Martinez one of the two men still with him shoots the zombie in the head giving the Governor a look of disgust as he holds his smoking gun.

The Governor is left in the middle of nowhere with just a gun and a logging truck, left by Martinez. He wonders until he finds a town, not saying a word or showing any sign of energy until he reaches a building and sees a little girl in the window. He follows the girl and ends up finding her family inside the building.

He teaches the family how to kill walkers (trauma to the head), plays with the daughter, and gets the grandfather an oxygen tank from the local retirement home to help his emphysema. He befriends the family and soon after the grandfather dies. He has to smash in his head with the oxygen tank so the daughter doesn’t get bitten.

Throughout the episode, the Governor periodically takes out this picture of his wife and daughter who both died. He folds the edge over his face so he can only see the two of them. After the family takes him in, he burns the picture symbolizing that he has moved on, and it is clear at the end of the episode that he looks at the granddaughter as his own daughter when saying,”I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” We see the Governor with the granddaughter in a pit they fell into after running away from some walkers. The rest of the family is no where to be seen, and the screen cuts to black with Martinez looking down at the two in the pit.


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