Hopkins Academy

Honor Roll Breakfast: Motivation or Embarrassment

In Editorials on December 3, 2013 at 8:58 am

Rory Grant Wingate ’16

After every quarter, Hopkins Academy has an honor roll breakfast. The idea being that if a student made honor roll, which is getting all B-’s or higher, then they get called down to the cafeteria in the middle of class. Then they get a muffin and beverage of their choice. Then they are usually treated to a speech by the principal. After about ten minutes or so they all return to class.

Now that synopsis sounds perfectly harmless. But there are many who argue that the way it’s being done leaves bad feelings among the student body. During the morning of honor roll breakfast, every single student is called down who made honor roll. Making it blatantly obvious the state of people’s grades.  Those whose name had been called head down to the cafe. While the rest of students stay in their classrooms and wait for the return of their peers.

Since honor roll breakfast isolates students that hadn’t made honor roll it could easily be argued that it’s not a very supportive way of getting kids to improve their schoolwork. Honor roll breakfast was meant to just be a reward for those who made good grades. But, once you factor in the isolation of those who didn’t make honor roll and the comments sometimes made by teachers for those students left behind in classroom it’s a less than supportive, even embarrassing.

Perhaps a different system could be put in place. One that motivates the entire student body without leaving such bad feelings among other students. There must be a way to show appreciation to students who have managed to do well in the quarter, while still encouraging  the rest of the student body to make honor roll. The goal of rewarding those who achieve  honor roll should be to motivate students to strive for it. If that isn’t being accomplished then why do it at all?


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