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10 Reasons Why Technology is Ruining Our Brains

In Editorials on February 26, 2014 at 1:12 pm

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Pipczynski ’15

Nowadays, people are so consumed by their smartphones, tablets, video games, and computers. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or something actually useful like educational information; people never stop staring at their screens. You go out to a party or out in public somewhere, and all you see, is people fiddling with their devices like zombies with no personality. Even with driving laws the way they are, people still drive with their heads down reading something off their phone instead of paying attention to the road. That being said, yes, there are upsides to technology like advances in medical technology, advances in transportation, and advances in homeland security. But when it comes to social media, or applications and games, technology is ruining the human brain. I’ve come up with 10 reasons why technology is a bad thing.

10) Laziness. Teenagers spend their days inside, either on their phones or watching TV and playing video games. Not many people go outside and enjoy nature or go out and get a job instead of relying solely on their parents.

9) Nothing is private. Thanks to things like Facebook and Twitter, people upload everything and a lot of times the stuff that gets posted can get others into serious trouble. Teenagers have a huge obsession with posting pictures of parties or of them doing stupid things. And do people really need to know personal matters like relationships, stomach aches, and how many times to make a trip to the bathroom?

8) Conversation. Because of texting and social media, people rarely have interactions face to face. Unfortunately things such as job interviews require people to be able to conversate and to look a person in the eye when speaking to them.

7) Cyber Bullying. A lot of times when you go on Facebook or Twitter you may notice that people are constantly putting others down and talking smack. The way I’ve always known is that if you have a problem with someone, tell them face to face or down say it at all. Don’t post it so everyone else can your business.

6) Lack of individuality. With all the different trends and hashtags, it is harder for teenagers to be themselves when they see what everyone else is doing and what is popular among others.

5) Socially Awkward. If all the interactions you have had with other people are through phones and computers, when it comes time to meet in real life it can be a real awkward moment if you’re asking a girl/guy to prom or to go on a date.

4) Selfies. If you have to post ten pictures a day of yourself in many different poses, it screams that you need and want attention.

3) Waste of time. We as humans do not have much time on this earth. So why would you waste your life away reading about what others are doing throughout the day. I don’t wake up and wonder what my friends are eating for breakfast so why would I want to waste my time reading about stuff like that.

2) Unprepared for reality. Teenagers rely on their parents to buy them all the electronics they want just so they can spend their days doing virtually nothing. A lot of them are so consumed by video games and social lives that they have no concept of what things cost in life and the work it takes to have a comfortable life.

1) Thinking deep thoughts. You will never think deeply if all your information comes from texting, surfing, and social networking. The best thing to develop your mind is to power down all devices and just think and try to have deep thoughts.


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