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One last year for Mrs. Parsons at HA

In Features on November 6, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Michela Solano ’16

Mrs. Parsons has been teaching for 37 years and after this year is retiring. She is a wonderful hard working teacher who has taught many children over the years and has made a difference in many peoples lives. Her favorite class in college was American History and her favorite class in high schools was math. The teachers who taught these classes (Professor Mueller and Mr. Atkinson) later became her mentors. These two men had a great influence on her life. When Mrs. Parsons was in high school she wanted to be an archeologist but, when she started tutoring in college she changed her major to education so that she could teach people about history. With this degree she taught at Franklin County Tech. which is a vocational school. She taught many kids at a time which of course, can be very stressful until she switched to teaching at Hopkins. Mrs. Parsons didn’t switch to teaching at Hopkins because of the number of kids but, because of the easier commute.

Mrs. Parsons loves teaching at Hopkins but, like any good job there are some parts that she doesn’t like. Mrs. Parsons least favorite thing about teaching at Hopkins is having to switch her curriculum almost every year. It is hard to rewrite a curriculum that you put so much time into, especially if you have to start over from scratch. Mrs. Parsons favorite thing about teaching at Hopkins is the ¨lightbulb moment.” Mrs. Parsons love the moment when a student who had been struggling with a topic finally gets it (like the lightbulb just went off in their head.) She really likes that it can happen to any student from a student who is good at her class or loves her class to a student who does not necessarily love history or isn’t that great at it.

Mrs. Parsons is planning on doing many things in her retirement. She wants to travel, substitute here, work on her vegetable and flower gardens and read many historical fiction books of course. She loves to travel, but she wants to travel to a place she hasn’t seen yet. She wants to learn and experience a new environment. She would also love to see her daughter. She is happy and nervous about retirement. She is nervous because she has been teaching for so long that she defines herself as a teacher. She is nervous about what will happen when she stops teaching. Mrs. Parsons is an amazing teacher and Hopkins hopes that she has an amazing time during her retirement, she deserves it. Everyone is wishing her the best.

Healthy Foods Keep Hopkins Bright-Eyed and Satisfied

In News on March 9, 2011 at 2:46 pm

It all started with fruit and salad being served with the school bought lunches. Next came the whole grain pasta (which wasn’t too popular), the salad bar and now, the brand new healthy snack-filled vending machine. Read the rest of this entry »