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ATTENTION: The Drama Club Play Is Coming Very Soon!

In Features on March 29, 2011 at 1:30 pm

Jeremiah Hyslip 2014

In just two weeks, the Hopkins Academy Drama Club will be presenting “The Sting”.  It is a play based on the famous movie which stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford.  The club has been working hard for months to put on a great show.  Mr. Goodhue, who retired from the History Department last year, graciously agreed to come back to once again direct the production.  Mr. Goodhue has directed ten plays in the past for the school, and he says this is the biggest production he has worked on.  Mr. and Mrs. Serio have also agreed to come back to help with lighting and costumes.  There is a cast of 30 students which is about ten percent of the Hopkins Academy population.  The Drama Club hopes everyone comes out for a great night to enjoy the show and support the club.  The play will be on April 7th, 8th, and 9th at 7pm in the Hopkins Academy cafetorium.  This year it is Thursday through Saturday which is a change from previous years.  Tickets can be purchased at the door a cost of $5 for students, $8 for adults and $6 for senior citizens.  Hope to see you there!


The Wizard of Oz

In Features on February 8, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Victoria Quill ’12

I was fortunate enough to attend the amazing performance of The Wizard of Oz on Sunday, January 23rd, put on by the Amherst Leisure Services Community Theater (ALSCT). Hundreds of eyes watched the seven Wizard of Oz plays that ALSCT put on. The main character Dorothy was played by a twelve-year-old girl (an 8th grader at Northampton High School) and she was amazing! When she sang her first song Over the Rainbow, I had goosebumps. The Scarecrow, Lion, and Tinman all were hilarious to watch and got me laughing for sure. The little children as munchkins also made me laugh when the very little ones had no clue what they were doing (If you put a little kid in a funny outfit I’ll be laughing right away, when you add dance moves to the mix, I’ll be in hysterics). You could tell that the group put in a lot of time and effort into creating a quality play. The effects during the play were up to par to those of professional productions. The wicked witch of the East FLEW on her broom around the stage, and Glinda FLOATED in on her bubble. With the flying effects and the amazing acting skills of the characters, there is no doubt in my mind that everyone in the crowd enjoyed the play. ALSCT has produced many plays throughout the past few years and will continue to do so. Be sure to check out the next one, I know I will!