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Should iPods be allowed in school?

In Editorials on November 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm

The end of August brings about the start to a new school year and the familiar routines we go through everyday from now until June. At the beginning of this school year, we learned of a new school rule – the unpopular no iPods in school rule. This sudden rule change was brought about because of how distracting iPods can be and because a few were unfortunately stolen last year. Even after these, students who are responsible with their iPods shouldn’t be punished by the actions of others and should be able to use them at certain times during the school day.

An iPod can help a student focus better on their schoolwork by tuning out the noises of other students around them. While they can be distracting if they’re used while a teacher is lecturing in class, iPods should be allowed to be listened to when students are doing individual work or when they are taking a test/quiz.

Free periods and working in the library are times used for doing homework, and listening to music can help a student to be more efficient. A teacher isn’t lecturing, so the only thing that requires a student’s attention is their quiet schoolwork or homework. If most students listen to their iPods at home while doing homework, why can’t they do the same here?

Another popular place to listen to iPods last year was in art class. The music inspired some students and helped them produce amazing artwork. Without the music, some of the inspiration is gone. If iPods were allowed, we could use them in art class and be inspired once again to create masterpieces.

And what about lunchtime and the time we have before school waiting for the bell to ring? We aren’t learning much during both these times, other than the latest gossip from your friends or what’s going on this weekend. IPods before school and during lunchtime can not only help a student to relax before classes start again, but can also be social. Sharing music with your friends can be fun, as well as inspiring conversation.

So what about the stealing issue that seemed to plague Hopkins Academy last year? It’s simple. Students should be mature enough to know not to take others things without asking. Why not share iPods with others who also want to listen to them, or ask nicely to borrow one? Students who are worried about someone stealing their iPod at school should leave it at home, where it is safe. Leave iPods in a zipped pocket in your backpack if it’s not being used or keep it in your pocket. When you are not with your backpack, leave your iPod in a locked locker or ask a teacher to keep it for you until you can use it again.

We should be able to use our iPods again in school, or at least during certain times in the school day. If we are responsible with them and follow rules for when we can use them, students should have the privilege of listening to their music again. So Mrs. Bonneville and teachers, could you bend the rule a little for those who will only listen to them when we are allowed to and who promise to be responsible with their iPods?

  1. i totally agree

  2. this artidle is good because i agree that ipods would be good for individual use only and noot when a teacher is giving a lecture. thank you for giving this info.

  3. couldnt agree more. i have tryed hard to compensate witht he teachers and its worked wonders. now most of my classes can listen to their musics but only in specific topics

  4. he or she says it in a better way that i might not say

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